Latin name: Dendrobium
Availability: All year
Colours: All colours

“Top Billing among Flowers”

In Ancient Greece, Dendrobium orchids were associated with virility. Today, there is nothing better than Dendrobium orchid flowers to send as a gift for an anniversary, wedding, promotion or very simply a sign you’re thinking about them.

The Dendrobium orchid is an enormous orchid. The name means, in Greek, dendron (tree) and bios (life), it means, “that which lives on trees.” This flower grows in various habitats in a large part of the south, including Australia, New Zealand, the Solomon Islands and New Guinea. It was established by Olaf Schwartz in 1799 and today includes 1200 species.

The Dendrobium orchid symbolizes love, and pure affection. It also means refinement, satisfaction, respect, moral purity, innocence and perfection. A smart decor item, it gives a feeling of luxury, beauty, and strength. Dendrobium orchids are also considered a symbol of charm, good health and good humour and now being used as ornaments for baptisms and christenings.
Traditionally, the Dendrobium orchid is also the flower for the 14th wedding anniversary. Dendobrium orchids are widely considered by husbands and wives to be symbols of purity and love.

In Chinese culture, they believe Dendrobium orchids possess healing and protective properties and can help ward off and cure maladies and bring health benefits.

Dendrobium orchids can last up to three weeks if they are well cared for.