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The Symbolism of Flowers

Dendrodium, flowers for love and affection

Latin name: Dendrobium
Availability: All year
Colours: All colours
“Top Billing among Flowers”

The Dendrodium is a type of orchid which stand out from the norm thanks to its modern and colourful allure. It takes its name from the greek dendron, meaning tree, and bios, meaning life. The dendrodium is a specific type of plant which is called epiphyte ou lithophyte, which means that it grows on other trees or rocks without taking any of their nutrients and without being attached permanently. In ancient Greece, they were associated with virility but, nowadays, they are more reminiscent of love, affection and sensuality.

The dendrodium is native of South and East Asia, and also has a significant presence in Australia. It was classified as an orchid in 1799 by Olof Swartz and its category now counts more than 1200 species.

Since they can symbolize moral purity, innocence, health and perfection, they are often used in baptisms and mariages, especially a 14th wedding anniversary.

In chinese culture, dedrodium orchids bring recovery and protection, and can be benificial for your health. They are apart of the fondamental chinese medicinal herbs, and are recognised by the australian indigenous communities as a healing plant.

Dendrodium orchids can last up to three weeks if they are well taken care of.