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Indoor Plant Ideas

Bamboo plants


Bamboo plants are a perfect gift for any situation, whether it’s for a loved one, an acquaintance, or yourself!


China is one of the biggest bamboo grower and producer in the world, with more than 400 species on its lands. Their use in chinese culture dates back t more than 7000 years. Thanks to its great height and solidity, bamboo is incredibly versatile and is used in culinary, architectural, musical and military endeavors. Before the invention of paper during the Han dynasty (25-220 a.c.e), bamboo strips were attached together with and made up the first chinese books. Bamboo was also incredibly important in traditional chinese art, whether in paintings or poetry., it served as a popular muse.


The number of bamboo stems given can send a very clear message or wish.

1 stem: simplicity, a complete life

2 stems: luch in love and mariage

3 stems: the most popular option, meaning happiness

4 stems: A clear don’t. In chinese culture, the number 4 can bring back luck and negative energy.

5 stems: academic achievement and creativity

6 stems: benediction

7 stems: health

8 tiges: luck in wealth

9 tiges: all-around good fortune

10 tiges: perfection

21 stems: all-around blessing


To fully take advantage of the bamboo plant’s power in the art of Feng Shui, you need 5 elements. First of all, you will need wood, which is represente by the bamboo stems. Then, you will need earth, which is represented by the rocks traditionally placed at the bottom of the base or pot, and water, where the bamboo grows. Finally, you will nee fire, represented by a red ribbon, and metal, represented by the glass vase or a coin hidden at the bottom of the pot.

We can help you:

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