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Bouquet Ideas

Eternal Roses – a Romantic Gift that Will Last


Eternal roses are a perfect alternative to a traditional bouquet, particularly if you want to offer a romantic gift that will last more than a few days or weeks. These flowers are natural roses that have been preserved and that could last for up to 3 years.

What is the difference between Eternal Roses and dried roses?

A dried bouquet is typically hung upside-down for a couple of weeks, so the water inside each flower can be evaporated, and is then most often arranged in a vase. Dried flowers are incredibly fragile and have a tendency to lose their vibrant colours from the process’ very beginning.

An eternal flower is preserved, meaning that the rose, in this case, is cut when it’s at its most beautiful, and is then submerged in a special concoction made from resin and other natural products. This liquid rehydrates the flower and replaces its sap. For all the colours that don’t naturally occur in roses, an additional dyeing step is required. These eternal flowers  are much more colourful and relatively less fragile than their dried counterparts.

How maintain an Eternal Rose?

Maintaining an Eternal Rose is incredibly simple. It must be kept in a place where it doesn’t receive any direct sunlight, since it could burn or overheat. It is not necessary to water it, but periodically make sure there is no dust deposited on it.