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Indoor Plant Ideas

The Perfect Plant: The Tillandsia


You might not have heard its name before, but you have surely seen this plant and been surprised by it. The tillandsia, also colloquially called air plant, is an epiphytic plant, which means it often grows on other plants and rocks without getting nutrient from them. Therefore, they don’t need to be planted, which makes them the perfect plant for inexperienced plant parents!

Depending on their appearance, different types of air plants will need different care and environments.

If your tillandsia comes from a more humid environment, it will be of a rich green, and its leaves will be supple and thin. They can be cultivated in water or on a piece of bark of wood. Its roots have to be submerged in water or covered in humid moss. It should be sprayed regularly and kept moist.

If your tillandsia comes from a dry environment, however, it will be completely epiphytic, meaning it can be placed anywhere, without a pot or branch. Its leaves are harder and of a sliver-tinted pale green. It should be easy to water, and will only need to be submerged in tepid water for an hour once or twice a week. Make sure to drain it well before putting it back where it belongs, to avoid rotting in its center. Direct sunlight for a couple of hours everyday would be beneficial, but it would be best to avoid it altogether if your plant is in a terrarium so it doesn’t overheat.

We can help you:

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